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Replacement of water pipes during the renovation of a house

Plumbing is required in most renovation projects, and in some renovation projects, plumbing is an essential part of the project. It’s important to include them in the overall planning because they affect other phases of the project, especially the shell of the building. You need to know where to put the new pipes, and what type of pipes to use. Also, you need to know how much of the old pipes to remove.

Which pipes need to go?

Generally, you can keep the project on budget and complete it faster if you only replace the pipes that need to be replaced. However, if you’re tying into an existing system, you may be dealing with poor installation practices, outdated materials, or both. If you’re at the mercy of a plumber who installed substandard materials incorrectly, it may be easier and less expensive to remove everything. Likewise, your new plumbing will not work properly if it is connected to an outdated system. For example, galvanized pipes that are more than 40 years old are almost certain to corrode. They will impede the flow of water, will soon leak, and you would have to replace them.

What regulations apply?

Plumbing codes can be confusing, especially as they relate to drains and sewers. Any drain you install or replace must have an adequate slope. Often you’ll need to modify the framing to do so. Also, drains need to be vented, which means you’ll need to install pipes that slope up toward the roof, and they’ll need to be spaced at specific distances from the drains. If you’re not familiar with the regulations, it pays to consult a professional plumber. Code violations can lead to real problems, and if your toilet stops working, you may have to cut open your brand-new walls to fix a mistake.

What materials should be used?

Although copper is the most common choice for water pipes, it’s not the only one, and there are good reasons not to use it. You have to solder it. It requires a certain amount of skill, and there is a possibility that copper pipes will leak if the water is too hard.

The Solution

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