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Removing a faucet and drain from a bathroom sink

Emergency Plumber LutonRemoving a faucet and drain from a vanity sink may seem like a daunting task at first, but with patience and the right tools, most homeowners can complete this project in a single afternoon. More importantly, most homeowners can install a new faucet and drain in reverse order. It’s also a good idea to clean out the remaining drain pipe at this time.

Turn off the water supply

There are 2 shut-off valves under each of the riser pipes to the bathroom sink. Turn them both off by turning the handles clockwise as far as they will go. Place a small bucket under the left riser pipe and turn the hex nut counterclockwise with a crescent wrench. Use the small bucket to catch the water in the riser tube. Repeat this process for the right riser.

Removing the riser pipes

Using the faucet wrench, carefully grasp the end of the hex nut on the left riser pipe that is attached to the faucet and twist it off counterclockwise. Remove the riser tube, and repeat the process for the right riser tube.

Removing the water tap

Loosen the faucet mounting nut under the sink counterclockwise, using either the faucet wrench or a crescent wrench. The faucet will be removed from the sink by removing the nuts.

Remove the drain pipes of the sink

Place a small bucket under the bathroom siphon. Starting at the bottom of the sink, loosen the vertical pipe that connects to the bathroom drain. Place the  wrench on the pipe nut and another on the bathroom drain retaining nut, so you can remove the pipe nut in a counterclockwise direction.

Catch the water draining from this pipe and the other drain pipes, as the water retained in these pipes can be somewhat smelly and spills can cause odor problems in the sink floor. Place the wrenches on the pipe that has a half-S shape. Remove the nuts from this pipe and catch the water that has collected in it. Finally, there is another pipe with the rest of the S-shape connected to the fixed pipe that leads into the wall.

Preventive maintenance

Run a snake through the fixed pipe that runs into the wall. This will clean out the pipe and prevent problems when installing the new drain pipes. It is also recommended to clean the rest of the drain system with a drain cleaner and deodorant or household cleaner.

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