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How to seal a toilet tank

Toilet Repair In LutonA tight connection between the tank and the bowl of a toilet is important to prevent water from spilling onto the floor and allowing the toilet to flush at full force. Over time, the two screws that connect the parts of a toilet can loosen. This can cause the toilet tank seal to shift, and water can leak past the seal and onto the floor. The leak not only causes water damage, but it also lowers the fluid level in the bowl, requiring constant water replenishment to maintain the level in the bowl.

Turn off the water supply to the toilet by turning the supply valve clockwise as far as it will go.

Remove the lid from the top of the tank

Push down and hold the flush lever attached to the tank. Release the lever when the tank is empty.

Insert the end of a screwdriver into the head of one of the tank mounting bolts located inside the tank. Hold the nut of the same bolt with an adjustable wrench. Turn the screwdriver – not the wrench – clockwise two full turns. Move to the second tank mounting bolt and repeat the process. Tighten each mounting screw in turn until both are tight against the inside of the tank and cannot be turned with the screwdriver. If you tighten the screw with the wrench, either the porcelain tank or the porcelain bowl may break.

Dry the area around the connection between the tank and the bowl with a dry rag. Place a torpedo level on the front edge of the tank to make sure it sits level on the toilet bowl. Carefully tighten the mounting bolts, if necessary, until the tank is level.

Turn on the water

Allow the tank to fill. Check the bottom of the tank after one hour. The area around the tank and the bottom should be dry. Place the lid on the tank when the area is dry. Proceed to the next step if you still notice a water leak.

Turn the water back off and drain it from the tank. Hold the head of a mounting bolt with the screwdriver while turning the nut counterclockwise with an adjustable wrench. Pull the screw out of the mounting hole. Remove the second mounting screw in the same manner. Pull the tank out of the basin. Turn the tank upside down.

Pull the installed gasket off the bottom of the tank. Slide a replacement gasket into the opening. Place the tank on the bowl.

Slide one screw through the holes in the tank and through the holes in the toilet bowl. Hold the head of one screw with the screwdriver. Slide a nylon washer – included with the replacement gasket – onto the bottom of the screw. Screw a nut onto the screw. Partially tighten the screw. Install the second screw in the same manner. Tighten each bolt in turn until it is snug against the tank. Avoid overtightening.

The solution

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